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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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is telling us some of that road work near the high street area should be gone b 5:00, no major problems. chp is trying to figure out what caused the deadly motorcycle crash investigation, good morning tara. west down lanes were shut down for about two hours. this was a gruesome accident. a motorcycle did in the lane and his bike at least 40 feet away in the slow lane. in fact they made the call gist after 1:30 a.m. this morning. the impact of the crash was so great that the victim received several traumatic injuries.
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>> they were on the scene, at this time nobody observed this collision. we are investigating and don't know anything at that time if anybody knows anything they can contact patrol. they do believe they were hit by oncoming cars. all lanes of traffic were closed but you can see traffic is moving smoothly, live, back to you. they have been more aware of the up criesing gun violence. both victims are scenes and they are both expected to
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surprise it is not clear what led to the gunfire. the san francisco is one of the last major sick that does not allow them to use tasers when confronting suspects. the officer supports the use of stunguns since they helped outlast month. >> i think the officers have something if between a large number of deaths tied to skip stunguns, they are expected to issue a report in 90 days. they are taking action to response to rising crime and
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shrinking police 0 force. the city is one inn crediting willingness to comply with court ordered reforms. it could result in a federal take over this year. a homeless man may have tar getted that a family members. police arrested the him near golden gate bridge park. they believe he was after a relative but it is unclear who that person is and where he lives. we have new information about accused killer james homes. he attempted to discover liz behave with the school's
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assess team. the former grad student is charge with killing 8 people to and warning 58 others in a batman that ther. the jets were just seconds away from crashing mid-air that is a airel to reports. chick fillet after are ran out of food. they had to shut down aroun 5:00 and handout vouchers are for surveys. former governor mike huckabee declared kick hernandez took a
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republican le-- took a public plymouth application stance. >> we believe americans can have that believe and still run a business. and yes, they are running the scene sex chick fillet. it is not because of confident you' all hospitals pay them and the city council can consider the appeals as early as september 11th. a problem with the dam maybe to blame in the death of two bay area residents who drowned in the sierra. mary tommy died on a rafting
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trip on the river. a problem with the do upped up in dangerous waters. a man drowned the same day another man drowned in pine lake. and it happened just after 530 in the evening. witnesses say two children needed medical attention. rescuers took one child to the hospital. they gave both rescue place ams . let's go outside and take a look out side, you can see traffic is moving well with, as you drive through there are no
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major problems to vallejo. and it is looking good if you are driving to the westbound bay plaza, there is no traffic, getting to highway 17, let's go to steve. and we have something fog, high pressure wins out so inland temperatures will jump up and we cooled down and so was haven'tville. northwest 17 not a big deal. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, santa rosa 58. >> a couple of dill slows, tonight high pressure that
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means inland temperatures will warmup. fog and sun for all not for -- for some not for all. 60s around the bay and a of 6- degreeel up. livermore will go down to clear lake and fog will be on the increase and even as they cool down they will be nice on sunday, pam. the lights are shining brightly at the oh limb picks -- olympics. men's synchronized spring board diving. they included michael phelpss
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goes with 29 metals followed by japan france and jeremy. 4:48 south bay church become as the became around the crime. and weighing in being it uses the men's feelings about the candidates. not bad at this hour, we will tell you about the morning commute and some areas
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. 90s to a few upper 90s. we are following breaking news from the stanford campus,
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law enforcement is searching for a suspect who escaped custody. they are assisting stamford police with searching the campus and they are said to be in handcuffs. we will bring you a live report on this as soon as it becomes available. new this morning, a new round of fighting in syria. they killed at least 70 rel bells. explosions also erupted near the turkey border. mostly women and children were killed when their village was bombed this morning. a close call near washington d.c. is being investigated. according to the washington post. the post reports air traffic
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controllers cleared two out bound flights headed into the direction of an inbound flight. they were seconds away from the crash when he noticed the crash. he is working with the faa with the mistake. a brutal beating of a woman back in january, she died on tuesday from injuries she suffered from that attack. on january 28th, a man found her unconscious on san pablo avenue. she was sexually assaulted and brutally beaten and police have no leads in that case. time now 4:44 campbell billion want to know who stole. the statue was bolted down outside the church for more
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than 15 years : the church would not expect somebody to come steel their property especially right from the police department. police say it happened after amuse sick concert so the thefts may be tied to a drunk end person. and it happened yesterday afternoon. witnesses saw flames shooting several feet into the air before it arrived. it led to the explosion and webster street was shut down for about an hour. hopefully there are no big problems this morning. we heard that earlier crash on 24 was cleared. we are on decent shape.
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let's go out to the freeway and looks good on mcarthur maze. and east bay plaza that traffic looks good coming into san francisco. and if you are drive only northbound 280, traffic looks nice going to highway 17. tonight, there is no exception, a big cooling trend starts tomorrow and if you want cooler weather go west, if you want hotter go east. i don't think it will matter, you will see 90s. it didn't matter yesterday. high pressure is giving us one more day, up every 50s for
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many, sonoma airport is at 50. eventually they will all come together and they will set the stage for a cooler weekend. upper 90s to near 100 degrees and mid-to-upper 80s and closer towards the bay. only santa cruz eeking out some 70s. it takes us to the weekend and we will keep it there for a couple of days. >> pamela? they are helping livestock farmers and under the plan they could get up to $100,000 each to offset feed costs and debt. they are unlikely to do too. >> it happened in three of the
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most tightly couldn't tested states. the press will will pay attention to mitt romney's tax plan but it will require taxpayers to pay more by giving them a chance to pay more from the wealthy. mitt romney will appear with 10 other republican governors. some of them are considered vice-presidential mates, includingnic hailey and bob mcdonald. they have a daily index to track it. anything above 50 is considered
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positive and the twin desk is updated daily. it is just about $21 a share. that is bad news for people when facebook went public in may. state officials based their budget numbers on facebook sharing in november. it would then generate income tax money for the state. santa clara county and d a have $20,000 worth of security upgrades. more than a third of that is going for a panic room. the area can attend super advisers and what is happening there is called a hardening of the room. they are actually a
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hardening and i will not discuss anything else because it is a breach of security. the panic room is a good idea. the city of berkeley will not expand the plastic bag band to grocery stores. they are expanding the band to 620 stores staying will cost the city 125,000 dollars, however they will do it on sales of 200 or more and it is said to go into effect next year. the bay area is taking steps to officially become a city. they are worrying about the water in an east bay lake, stay tuned for more news weather and
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. welcome back, time now 3:52, they posted a an increase, a -- an increase and san mateo has a more than 3- point 5%. in contrast, the east bay reports just a 1.3% increase in jobs. it is official, the
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southern city has filed for bankruptcy. they faced a budget shortfall as well as an overall economic downturn and they are the third city to file for bankruptcy this year. technically, it is an unincorporated area. officials who vote on whether to form a committee to study the benefits andrew backs of becoming an incident city. a special report has uncovered that cal strand since source provided faulty information. they placed it under bay area freeways. the data is posted on the freeway signs and sent to smart
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phones as alerts with transit information and a transportation expert call it is a scandal but the cal trans engineer is standing by the data. >> i can tell you, these are very useful information that we put out for our travelers. >> we found problemmed spots from san rafael to north of santa rosa to the caldecott tunnel. there are no working sensors between interstate 880 and 280. we are coming closer to the 4:00 -- 5:00 hour. i just checked in with chp and they gave us the all clear. traffic is continues to look good if you are driving on
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interstate 880, no major problems here. at bay bridge plaza traffic is still light getting into san francisco. and this morning if you are driving on northbound 280 getting to highway 17, that traffic looks good and no problems on 1 so 1 in the san jose area. let's go to steve. >> high pressure is aloft and fog is not be eroded but it will be along the coast, but maybe some of the bridges could be a little thicker. high pressure says this is my last day here and it will be replaced with low pressure and a sea breeze. under west wind gets 50, san sows -- san jose 55. couple of low pressure systems
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will start to move in tomorrow and it will pick up the fog bank and temperatures 90s to near 100 degrees and we'll see a few degrees warmer, warmer for some but maybe by the bay you will not even notice it. low mid-to-upper 90s, out towards stockton and much more breezezy as we go to the weekend, pam. there is a lot about the water in shadow cliff lake. they show high bacteria but it's not enough to close the beach. they are asking people to avoid swallowing water and. a dry winter has caused
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bears to search for food near homes. >> it is a perfect storm for human bear conflicts. >> we get 25 calls a day on bears going into homes through unsecured windows and doors. >> now they are still looking for the person who shot that bear that was found on monday. 4:56, we have breaking news, police are searching for a domestic violence suspect. an overnight tragedy, what led to the death of a man on a motorcycle, we will be right back. cçrrú
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. we are live where police are trying to figure out what caused a fatal motorcycle accident. and important


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